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Choose The Right Tie For Your Company Uniform

10th August, 2017


Every garment in your company uniform is important to the overall look, including accessories like ties, scarves, belts, name badges, shoes, etc. Accessories have the added benefit of incorporating flashes of colour and reinforcing your logo and brings your brand identity into your uniform. In some cases, the most simple uniform can become unique when the tie is given specific brand definition. 

When it comes to choosing a company tie, you have a few options to choose from - 


Woven Ties

Woven ties are the most favoured tie option used in Corporate uniforms. A woven tie is made up of a Warp colour (base colour) and the Weft (alternate colour fabric woven into the Warp to create the tie design). A maximum of six Weft colours can be incorporated into a tie design.

To compliment the tie design a variety of textures can be incorporated into the design by utilising different weaves, the main weave options are:

Reppe Weave: The most robust weave, mostly used for everyday wear.

Satin Weave: This has a smoother finish, the colours are more vibrant as the warp colour doesn’t show through.

Twill Weave: Gives a nice texture and stripe pattern


Print Ties

To incorporate more colour or more complex design into a tie then a print tie may be the way to go.

Printed ties have a flat texture and the colours are much more vibrant than those that can be achieved through a woven tie. Similar to woven ties there are a couple of printing options:

Screen Print: screens are made and the dye is pulled through onto fabric (one screen per colour)

This is best for simpler designs as the smaller details can become distorted during the screen making process.

Digital print: allows for more complex designs as it’s essentially a big printer, unlimited colours.


Knitted Ties

A more modern offering that is extremely popular is the knitted tie. Knitted ties create a unique texture and has a more modern and casual look as opposed to a woven or printed tie.

A host of different patterns can be achieved on a knitted tie and it offers a flat end as well as classic finish.


If you are struggling to choose the type of tie to add to your company uniform, then consider the complexity and colours of your branding and the style of the uniform it is matching. If you’re opening a new chain of cafes then a knitted tie might be the finishing touch, If you’re logo has a lot of colour and complexity then a digital print tie may be more your speed and if you’re looking for something traditional and formal than a woven tie may suit you best.  

If you have any further questions or would like to enquire about purchasing, please contact us

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