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How To Take Care Of A Heat Seal Garment

22nd May, 2017

A heat seal is when a logo is applied to a garment by heat transfer, it’s a great method for personalising your garments with your company branding as they’re waterproof and stand out exactly as you’d want your logo to be shown with no limitations - however, heat seals can end up with some wear and tear if not taking care of, so here is a guide to protecting the longevity of your heat-seal and the branding of your staff uniforms and corporate wear
1. Wash inside out
When washing your heat sealed garment (like an anorak, soft shell or body warmer) a great method of protecting the heat seal is to turn the garment inside out before washing. During a wash cycle, garments can rub together and if the materials are abrasive in any way that can lead to damage on the heat seal. Turning your garment inside out prevents the heat seal being damaged by other clothes you are washing at that time. 
2. Do not wash straight away
A fatal mistake some people make after receiving a newly heat sealed garment is to wash it as soon as possible. to ensure that the heat seal has fully cooled and cemented it’s affixation onto the garment, it is better to wait as premature washing can easily lead to damage. In most cases you will receive your garment at least 48 hours after the heat seal has been applied, but try to leave a few days before the first wash just to be certain. 
3. Wash at a low temperature
How you wash your garment is very important to the life span of a heat seal. You need to wash your garment at a low / warm temperature. You should also refer to the washing instructions on the product itself, and make sure you use a mild detergent. You should never use a chlorine bleach. 
4. Do not fast dry
You should avoid using tumble or industrial dryers for your heat seal garments, as this can also be very damaging. You should let your garment air dry in a reasonably tempered room. 
We here at First Corporate Clothing expect the life cycle of an anorak with an embroidery or Heat-seal to last between 18 months to two years providing that the garments are respected and cared for in line with the wash care instructions of the anorak and the advice provided above.
If the garment is washed and dried correctly a high quality polyurethane applique should last just as long as the garment itself, which is exactly what an employer should want and expect from their staff uniforms.
We have delivered countless outer garments to customers with a heat-seals. One particular customer orders over 600 anoraks every two year over the last 6 years and no garment has been returned due to an issue with heat seal deterioration.
If you have any questions about heat sealing or garment personalisation, feel free to contact us. 
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