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Inspiration For Your Company Uniform

18th September, 2017

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right look for your company uniform. Uniforms can be incredibly important, and there is some best practises to keep in mind (company and brand image, quality, practicality, etc) - but there is also choice, and personal preference.

With that in mind, it can be difficult for you picture what the potential uniform could look like, or even what you would like in the first place.

So we’ve provided some ‘uniform concepts based around our Avignon range, to help inspire you in choosing your company uniform!

1. Black & Gold

This Gold and Black look is perfect for the hotel and hospitality industry. It combines durable suiting for your hard working staff with a touche of class to help make a lasting impression with your customers!

A - PR730 - Satin Scarf 

B - PR765 - Fashion Tie

C - AJ22 - Ladies’ Concealed Buttoned Jacket 

D - AMJ1 - Men’s 3 Button Jacket 

E - AD03 - Scoop Neck Dress

F - AMT3 - Slim Leg Trouser


2. Navy & Blue


This Navy and Blue look is ideal for security & facilities management or any office environment. This easy care suiting works well for full time employees needing their uniform to work as hard as they do! 

A - OB23 - Round Neck Blouse

B - PR750 - Satin Tie - To purchase this product please contact us!

C - PR220 - Gingham Shirt

D - AMW1 - Men’s Waistcoat

E - AT3 - Ladies’ Easy Trouser

F - AMT1 - Men’s Trouser


3. Black & Pink

Our Black and Pink inspired look is great for Reception & Administration teams. It is comfortable for the office whilst also providing a professional appearance.

A - LB22 - Mandarin Mosaic Blouse

B - AJ17 - Ladies’ Long 2 Button Jacket

C - AS14 - Pencil Skirt

D - AMT3 - Slim Leg Trouser

E - AMJ2 - Slim Fit 2 Button Jacket

F - PR200 - Long Sleeve Poplin Shirt 

G - PR750 - Satin Tie - To purchase this product please contact us!

All of these inspirational looks are available in a multitude of colours which can be mixed and matched to achieve your desired uniform which will  reflect your own company brand - Our examples aim to show you a  complete ‘look’ to give you an idea and help you decide on your new uniform. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance in creating a uniform for your company, do not hesitate to contact us

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