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The Difference Between Stock, Customisation and Bespoke

28th June, 2017


If you are looking to create a new work uniform or purchase staff workwear for your business, you are most likely unaware of the terminology involved in the world of corporate clothing. 

We have found with our 20 years of experience that the wealth of options available can be quite confusing, and we want to make sure that you are as comfortably informed as you can be when deciding how to represent your business. 

Here is our simple guide to explain the difference between stock, customisation and bespoke as well as some advice to help you choose which option suits your business more.




Stock garments form a stock range (like our stock OMW2 waistcoat in the above image) that can be purchased without any commitment or minimum order - it is the core product designed by the company to be purchased by anyone. In the corporate clothing world, it is a piece of workwear that is made by the company for anyone to purchase and use. Many businesses purchase stock garments for their uniforms without exploring other options. This can be down to convenience (readily available with a quick turn around for orders), it can be due to cost (stock garments are the least costly out of the options available), it could be down to volume (smaller businesses may only need a limited amount of items) or it could simply be because the stock garments suit their needs. You can also use personalisation on your garments. It's a great and inexpensive way of creating branded clothing and adding the finishing touch to a look! 


A customised garment (like our customised AMW2 waistcoat in the above image) is a stock garment that you have chosen to customise. There is a variety of customisations available - you can choose from different coloured trims, or buttons, you could add saddle stitching to neckline, lapels (as shown above) and sleeves - essentially think of this service as adding to garments from stock! 

Many businesses choose to customise their garments because it adds extra definition to the brand - if your business has a few brand colours for example, customisation can be a cost effective way of incorporating your brand colours into the chosen uniform. Customising garments adds a bit of flair or interest to the workwear. 



A bespoke garment (like our bespoke MW2 style in the above image) is where a garment is made specifically for the customer. This might mean one of the stock styles manufactured in a different fabric (like the example above). It can even be an entirely new style made from whatever fabric you choose. When you choose a bespoke garment, it opens up to a lot more exciting opportunities with your corporate uniform - multiple fabrics in a design, as well as more substantial trims that cannot be added post production. A bespoke uniform is a truly original and individual design for your company that gives your business a distinct identity.


Whether you are interested in stock, customisation or bespoke for your uniform, We here at First Corporate Clothing are able to create the perfect uniform for you, designed and made in Great Britain


For more information, please contact us. 

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