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Your Uniform and Coronavirus - 5 Prevention Steps

18th March, 2020

With the continued growth of the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of people are taking every 
measure they can to protect themselves and prevent further spreading by washing their hands regularly, sanitising surfaces, and practising social distancing.
However, there are other areas of cleanliness people may not consider during these trying times, like door handles, light switches, and other day to day items that we all take for granted.
Here at First Corporate Clothing, we’re interested in ensuring all of our customers are safe in their corporate uniforms, so how does this virus affect clothing?
According to the World Health Organisation, the current length of time the virus can survive on surfaces ranges from a few hours to a few days depending on different conditions (so temperature and humidity, type of surface, etc). There is some suggestion that fabric doesn’t hold the virus as long as surfaces like metal or plastic but there are no guarantees or proof of said theory so it is best to proceed with caution.
So how can you prevent coronavirus spread through your uniform? Here are 5 tips.
1. Personal cleanliness
At this point everyone has heard this over and over, but it’s worth reiterating - wash your hands as often as you can for at least 20 seconds, if you are unable to wash your hands, use hand sanitiser. Do not touch your face, specifically eyes, nose and mouth - if your hand is contaminated, touching your face could aid the virus in entering your body and making you sick. All of this behaviour also effects your clothing - if you wash your hands regularly, you’re less likely to transmit the virus from a surface to your hand to your own clothing. 
2. Social Distancing
As well as maintaining your own cleanliness, be wary of others. Try not to have unnecessary physical contact with people as they may be carrying the virus. Try to remain at least 3 feet away from other people, especially if they display any kind of symptoms like coughing. This will ensure the virus isn’t transmitted to you by them touching your skin or garments, or you transferring the virus to them by touching their skin or garments. 
3. Undress and change your clothing as soon as possible
To avoid potentially bringing the virus throughout your house, it may be best to remove your uniform or workwear as soon as you get in the house and immediately putting it into the wash - if you continue to wear it around the house you could easily end up accidentally brushing against other surfaces in your bathrooms, kitchens and other areas which could easily allow the virus to be picked up by your entire household. 
4. Cycle through uniforms daily
You will have a recommended allocation of uniform from your corporate clothing supplier and how often to cycle through them, however for the time being we would encourage you change all of your uniform daily, to try and stop the virus from spreading. You could easily have the virus on your garments, so it’s worth changing them as frequently as you can. 
5. Frequent uniform washing (hot wash) 
Alongside changing frequently as you can, you should also wash your used uniforms quickly and often. Check your garments wash and care instructions and wash them on the hottest wash that is permitted according to the garments guidelines, because theoretically this virus can be combatted by heat (although so far there is no hard evidence to support this theory). 

While this pandemic is causing alarm across the UK and further abroad, it can be easily avoided and maintained if people calmly follow guidelines like these until the virus has cleared.
Here at First Corporate Clothing we are remaining open and conducting business as usual, but we will keep our customers updated should matters change. We are taking every precaution on site to ensure safety and cleanliness as advised by the UK Government. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
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