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Our key collections of sophisticated
tailoring for men and women.

Our Collections

Our key collections of sophisticated
tailoring for men and women.

Made in the UK


Our Orleans collection features a specially crafted fabric produced exclusively for us in the UK, designed to mimic the 'linen' effect.

This durable material maintains its aesthetic appeal even after extended use, providing a timeless look. It caters to both men and women, offering contemporary styling for all wearers.

100% Polyester | 195gms

Made in the UK


Avignon stands out as our flagship collection, providing a blend of practicality and comfort in stylish and modern workwear solutions.

Each garment in the Avignon collection is meticulously designed to coordinate seamlessly, allowing you to effortlessly create the perfect ensemble that complements your individual style.

53% Polyester / 44% Wool / 3% Lycra | 190gms

Made in the UK


The Dijon Collection prioritises both comfort and durability in its design. Crafted from sturdy, low-maintenance polyester fabric, the collection guarantees a lasting and appealing look, even with frequent use.

Each garment in the collection is created to seamlessly coordinate with others, allowing you to effortlessly assemble the ideal ensemble that complements your style.

97% Polyester / 3% Lycra | 185gms

Made in the UK


The Riviera collection presents a premium selection of meticulously tailored suits for women, featuring a distinctive fabric adorned with a pin-dot textured effect. The blend of fabrics in the Riviera collection guarantees exceptional durability, shape retention, and comfort.

Choose from a palette of four stylish color options to achieve a fashionable and sophisticated appearance.

54% Polyester / 44% Wool / 2% Lycra | 230gms


A best-seller for a reason.

The Sophisticated Collection blends lightweight European fabric with superior technical attributes in the widest choice of fits and designs available. Providing the ultimate in style, it’s little wonder that this remains Europe’s premium tailoring collection, trusted by many of the world’s leading brands.

54% Polyester, 44% Wool, 2% Lycra | 270glm


In corporate wear, style, fit and comfort are so often compromised in favour of durable fabrics.

High quality tailoring combined with a wide range of fits and styles has created a go-to all round performer offering unrivalled value.

The Performance Collection now benefits from Lycra and recycled polyester

64% Recycled Polyester, 34% Wool, 2% Lycra | 325glm


For companies looking to present a stylish edge to their staff.

With design in its DNA, this range combines fine tailored lines, fashionable pin dot weaves and a durable Teflon coating - providing the perfect mix of form and function.

Our Eclipse collection delivers on trend, on time and on budget and now benefits from recycled polyester.

64% Recycled Polyester, 34% Viscose, 2% Lycra | 330glm


Highly durable and comfortable, stretch fabrics combine with stylish garment designs to provide the same great look and functionality day in, day out.

Perfect for any active role in the demanding corporate marketplace, our Today Collection offers a practical solution for every business.

The Today Collection now benefits from recycled polyester in the fabric blend.

63% Recycled Polyester, 34% Viscose, 3% Lycra | 335glm


This superb one way stretch fabric is designed to be worn every day, everywhere by everyone.  It is truly durable and a popular choice for a wide range of industries.

69% Recycled Polyester /29% Viscose 2% Lycra | 315glm


A modern tailored wardrobe for the whole team. The Envee collection is designed for movement using a bi-stretch fabric, engineered to move in all directions.

Designed for motion, the bi-stretch construction in the warp and the weft of the fabric uses an ultra technical stretch Poly/Visc/ Lycra that moves in all directions for maximum comfort at work.

68% Recycled Polyester / 28% Viscose 4% Lycra | 420glm

Endurance PV

Endurance range both designed for everyday use, men’s & ladies performance suits engineered to withstand harder wear. Choose from a range of styles designed to suit your team.

The Endurance P.V. collection substitutes wool for viscose for a more budget friendly alternative but with no lack of performance.

67% Recycled Polyester / 33% Viscose | 360glm

Endurance Polywool

The Endurance P.W. collection is made using polyester and wool. The wool content within the fabric is a natural fibre used for its durability, breathability, odour resistant qualities, and wrinkle resistance, making the collection an ideal choice for tailored clothing.

Also known as “elastic recovery,” the wool content has a springiness that makes for good wrinkle resistance.

70% Recycled Polyester /30% Wool | 360glm


Ideal for the demanding environments of hospitality. The fabric is designed to look great day in, day out, wash after wash. 

100% Polyester | 290glm