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A bespoke service from just 50 garments

We're proud to manufacture in the UK

We are one of the last remaining corporate suppliers that produce women's and men's clothing in the UK, either in our own factory or through our partner suppliers.

Having all of our facilities in one location allows us to respond quickly to your needs.

All design and sampling is carried out in house, with our resources we can refine patterns to ensure garments are exactly as required with the quality and attention to detail overseen at every stage.

We maintain a strong collaborative relationship with our fabric suppliers, resulting in the production of numerous fabrics that are exclusively tailored to our needs.

Our team consistently works on introducing fresh fabric options and design concepts.

Low minimum order quantities

With UK manufacturing you are more likely to have lower minimum order quantities than you would overseas, which is practical for smaller businesses.

The minimum order quantity for the majority of our UK manufactured bespoke orders is just 50 garments.

The unit cost may be higher but there is less commitment and less risk for businesses who cannot tie up their cash in such large investments. This means that old styles or models can be run down easier if discontinued to make way for the latest models. 

Creating your bespoke uniform

Choose from our large selection of British fabrics in our available garment styles to easily create an individual look for your team.

For as little as 50 pieces per style we offer a free and straight forward service in five easy steps.

Step one

Choose a style from our range

Step two

Choose a base fabric and branding options

Step three

Tell us your corporate colours

Step four

We will create your new designs, provide swatches and samples

Step five

Your bespoke items will be manufactured and delivered on time in full

Exclusive design

We provide a complete bespoke design service for your corporate uniforms. We have our own experienced in-house design team, Pattern Cutters and sample room to bring your design concepts to life.

As part of this exclusive design service we can design a new corporate uniform which is exclusive to your team and brand.

We supply garments for wearer trials, organise sizing days all serviced through our experienced Measuring Team.


We believe a companies brand comes alive through their team and the image they portray.

You can add your company logo to give your staff uniforms a professional look and feel.

For this we offer our in-house personalisation services; saddle stitch, tax tabbing, heat sealing, and embroidery.