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How to Measure

Quick Guide:

To get started, ensure you have a pliable measuring tape and a pen or a method to record your measurements.

Helpful Suggestions:
Consider wearing a well-fitting jacket, shirt, and trousers to aid in assessing specific measurements if available.

Conduct each measurement thrice for precision, and round the final measurements to the nearest half inch.


01: Bust or chest

While wearing your usual bra, measure the full circumference of your bust at its highest point. Avoid tightening the tape measure, and ensure your arms are relaxed by your sides. The obtained value should represent your bra size (e.g., 36DD), but it's crucial to measure each time and not make assumptions.

02: Shoulder to shoulder

Take a measurement across the upper back by extending from the tip of one shoulder to the other. This path may not be entirely straight; instead, follow the natural curvature of your upper back. If pinpointing the shoulder tip proves challenging, and you have a well-fitting shirt or jacket, you can alternatively measure the distance between the shoulder seams.

03: Jacket length

Measure vertically from the base of the neck (collar seam) to the preferred length of the jacket. If you have a jacket that fits well, lift up the collar before measuring to ensure you start from the seam.

04: Trouser waist

Measure around your waist at the desired trouser height, not necessarily your natural waist. Ensure the tape measure is not too tight. If uncertain, and you have a pair of trousers that fit well at your preferred height, wear them and measure around the waistband where they sit.

05: Thigh circumference

Measure the circumference of your thigh at its broadest point, typically near the top of the inseam, though it may be slightly lower depending on your physique.

06: Out-seam / Trouser length

Measure vertically from the top of where you want the trouser waist to sit down along the side pant seam to the desired trouser length. This is typically around 1-2 inches from the floor, but will vary depending on your style.


01: Chest

Measure horizontally around the largest part of the chest, beneath the armpits and over the back shoulder blades. Record the measurement with the arms in a resting position. Ensure the measuring tape is snug against the body but not overly tight.

02: Waist

Measure around the waist, approximately at the level of the navel. This measurement may correspond to either the narrowest or widest point of the waist, depending on your build.

03: Shoulder to shoulder

Measure the distance from one shoulder seam to the other while wearing a jacket.

04: Jacket length

Measure from the bottom of the collar, straight down the center back seam, to the desired length where the jacket should end. Ideally, the jacket should be just long enough to completely cover your rear, although this may vary based on the desired style.

05: Trouser waist

Determine the desired location for your trouser waist and then measure horizontally around that point. For suits, this is typically just below the navel.

06: Inside leg

Measure from the lowest part of the crotch of your trousers, keeping the tape measure down to your desired length for the bottom of the trousers. Consider the fit you desire over the shoe, as this will impact the height of the trouser crotch.