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Allocations & Aftercare

Like us, you will want your employees to arrive for work in a clean, presentable uniform every day.

With this in mind, you should ensure each employee is provided with an appropriate number of garments to ensure they can wash and dry their uniforms regularly.

The correct allocation will vary depending on the style being worn.

Example Allocations

Jackets, Waistecoats & Coats Trousers, Skirts & Dresses Knitwear & Fleeces Polos, Shirts & Blouses
Full Time 2 3 3 5
Part Time 2 2 2 3

Full time allocation

  • 2 Jackets and Wastcoats:
    Maximum 10 washes / dry cleans,
  • 3 Trousers, Skirts & Dresses:
    Maximum 20 washes.
  • 3 Knitwear & Fleeces:
    Maximum 20 washes.
  • 5 Polos, Shirts & Blouses:
    Maximum 45 washes.

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